The Tour of Faith and Miracles in Ilford


This week the Tour of Faith and Miracles commenced in Ilford. The members of the church gladly received Bishop James and the Pastors who prayed for everyone present. All those who were feeling burdened or experiencing pain were invited to use their faith to determine their deliverance.


Everyone who attended this special meeting learnt how to receive perpetual peace that endures even in the midst of problems. Books, music or buying a new home or car are some of the many things acquired in search for peace. Although these acquired goods create a high sense of joy, the novelty factor soon wears off. However, once someone has received the Holy Spirit the peace is permanent.

On the night, Bishop also spoke about the importance of forgiveness and letting go of the past. Grudges robs a person of their peace and forms feelings of bitterness, anger and sadness inside. The members of Ilford learnt that if they desire to move forward they must decide to let go of past offences and hurt.

The Tour of Faith and Miracles will be taking place every Monday in one of our branches in the UK. Our next stop will be in Oxford, so if you or someone you know live in this area, you are invited to attend at 49 Oxford Road, Cowley, OX4 2EN at 7pm. For more information, you can contact us by calling our 24-Hour Helpline at 020 7686 6000 or message us on WhatsApp at 020 7686 6000.

*The UCKG HelpCentre does not claim to heal people but believes that God can through the power of faith. Always follow your doctor’s instructions.

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