The Night to Wrestle with God


Have you been battling a long-winded problem in your health such as persistent pain or a chronic disease? Perhaps you have been experiencing symptoms, with no apparent cause and no longer know what to do.

On Tuesdays, the services are tailored to spiritual support for all those who are facing an issue in their health, such as prayers and messages of faith to lift your spirit.

We have commenced a new purpose of faith, “The Night to Wrestle with God.”

This meeting of power will bring hope and strength to you during this difficult time and will teach you how to place your trust in God, who is able to transform all things.

If you or a family member are going through a challenging health problem this meeting is for you.

No matter how long you have been plagued by this sickness or pain, we believe that there is a solution to your problem and are available to support you spiritually through prayers and 1-2-1 spiritual advice.

Our Tuesday services have empowered hundreds across the UK already and helped them to remain strong on their road to recovery.

To participate in this Chain of Prayer, visit us on Tuesdays at your local Universal Church. You will be anointed with Holy Oil, which represents the power of God upon your life.

You are invited to bring anything that represents your health, such as prescription or diagnosis letters, scans or the pictures of your family member who is sick. Most importantly, bring your faith as this is what calls the attention of God and causes His fire to fall in your life.


Event: The Night to Wrestle with God
Date and Time: Tuesdays at 7:30pm (also at 7am, 10am & 3pm)
Location: At your local Universal Church


Disclaimer: The UCKG HelpCentre’s spiritual advice is to be seen as a complement to the scientifically proven treatment you may be receiving. The UCKG HelpCentre does not claim to heal people but believes that God can through the power of faith. Always follow your doctor’s instructions.

Disclaimer: Please note that the oil itself has no magical properties, but it can be used to awaken your faith and give you the willpower to overcome your battles. Our spiritual advice should be seen as a complement to any scientific or medical treatment you may be receiving.

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