The Night of the First Miracle

The Night of the First Miracle

Every product comes with instructions from the manufacturer to teach you how to assemble, use or care for it. Likewise, God who created marriage, has left us with invaluable guidance on how to cultivate a happy and long-lasting relationship.

At the Love Therapy, you will receive messages based on the Word of God to teach you how to prevent and solve problems in your love life, so you can be successful in this area of your life!

The first Miracle the Lord Jesus performed happened at a wedding when He transformed water into wine. This teaches us the significance of our love life and the importance of investing in it.

The Lord Jesus wanted us to understand that after our relationship with Him, our love life should be the next on our list of priorities. However, often times, people end up neglecting their love life, resulting in frustration, unhappiness and many no longer believe in love.

Sadly, even members of the church, who have used their faith to conquer great blessings in the other areas of their lives, have not yet received the first miracle – that is, a transformation in their love life.

Do you want to receive the first miracle?

Whether you are single, married, widowed, divorced – don’t miss the Love Therapy this week, as we will be having this special purpose: ‘The Night of the First Miracle’.

Write down your desired miracle and bring it with you to the Cathedral of Miracles this Thursday at 8pm. We will see you there!

Event: The Night of the First Miracle
Date and Time: Thursday, 16 May at 8pm
Location: Cathedral of Miracles, 232 Seven Sisters Road, Finsbury Park, N4 3NX (Outside London via live stream at your local Universal Church)

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