The Inauguration of the Universal Church in Wolverhampton


On Sunday, 26 November the Universal Church was officially opened in the city of Wolverhampton. 250 people were present for this powerful meeting, 30 of which were attending for the first time and 20 were returning.

One of the attendees explained that he had received the leaflet for the inauguration and kept it on his desk for more than a month. He was suffering loneliness and battled negative thoughts, so he eagerly anticipated this event.

After the service, he spoke with the Pastor and said, “tonight in this church I found the same peace I used to have when I was in the beginning of my journey of faith 30 years ago”.

Since this event, he has returned to the Universal Church and aims to continue attending the weekly services in Wolverhampton.

The consecration of the Altar in this house of God was marked by the consecration of Pastors Felipe Montoro and Pastor Henrique Silva and their respective wives. It was a special moment to celebrate the beginning of a new phase in their lives and ministry.

Overall, the event was a blessing, and the attendees are eager to regularly attend the church.

406008939 18400736080053588 8513320181773917824 nThis church now operates full time, with daily services to strengthen your faith, as well as a Pastor available to speak with you every day.

We believe that many lives will be transformed in this building through the power of God and above all salvation will take place – which is the most valuable thing we can attain.

If you or someone you know live in Wolverhampton or surrounding areas, visit us to benefit from the daily spiritual support available.

Location: Shakespeare House, 66 Lichfield Street, Wolverhampton, WV1 1DG

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