The Health Point Project arrives in Dalston.

the Health point project arrives in dalston

At the UCKG, we are all about giving back to the local community!

That’s why every week in our local Universal Churches, there is always something being carried out to benefit those in need.

From food banks and soup kitchens to our Night Angels project – where we provide food parcels and toiletries to those sleeping rough, there is always something happening to bless your local community.

This weekend, trained professionals from the Patient Care Group (PCG) offered free health checks to the people of Dalston. Members of the public had the opportunity to check their blood pressure, sugar levels and even received free advice after each session.

The Help Point Project is an initiative by the PCG to give something back to the local community.

If you’d also like to get involved in the work we do in your local community, visit your nearest branch and speak with your Pastor. He will inform you of any upcoming outreach initiatives or projects.

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