The attack on the Universal Church in Angola

angolaFor more than a year, members and missionaries of the Universal Church in Angola have been impeded from worshipping at their churches in the country.

It all started after several pastors who had grotesque behaviour that went against the church’s code of conduct, and against the required behaviour that a man of God should have to be a pastor were accordingly removed from the body of Pastors in the Universal Church.

These ex-pastors were removed due to stealing and betrayal among other things. They then decided to take matters into their own hands, held an unofficial assembly to take over the administration of the church by falsifying documents, calling it the Reformed Church and expressing it was a ‘Brazil against Angola’ problem. Their acts have gone unpunished by the government and this is what has been most upsetting for the rightful church who has obeyed all the laws and guidance that the government has issued to solve this case, which has not been productive.

Most recently, the group of dissidents used documents claiming to be the leaders of the church, in order to cancel the missionary visas of several Brazilian pastors who have rightfully been in Angola for years.

Due to this, members dissatisfied with the lack of action from the government decided to pray in front of the temples (since they haven’t been allowed to open the churches). Some of our churches were wrongfully placed under the leadership of this group of dissidents.

The faithful members of the true Universal Church do not accept the leadership of these ex-pastors, nor agree with the surprising amount of support they’ve received from the government. Due to this, they have protested peacefully throughout the previous months.

Record TV Angola filmed several moments of the protest, which was completely peaceful. In an interview with the TV station, Bishop Alberto Segunda, who was hit by the police said that the only intention the people had was to pray in front of the church.

“I was hit really hard by the national police. All we did was pray in front of the church to God for justice to be done. There are crimes done against us that until today have been left unpunished. Those people have stolen our churches and our national headquarters here still remains closed. We are also Angolan and we do not accept this situation, all we want is for justice to be done. We are going to continue to fight for our church and our right as Christians” he finished.

Police are arresting members and missionaries just because they attend the Universal Church.

Because of the lack of action from authorities, Christians in Angola continue praying for the Universal Church and the right to practice their faith.

Here in the UK, we will do what we can and pray in the same faith, crying out to God, the only One who can bring a solution and touch the hearts of the Angolan government to hear our cause.

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