The 10 Fridays of the Mighty Hand

10 Fridays Mighty Hand

In the past, God sent 10 plagues upon Egypt as a demonstration of His mighty hand on those who had enslaved His people.

Just as the people of Israel were delivered from slavery by the hand of God in the past, we will be determining your total deliverance in this new purpose of faith.

Every Friday, from 26 January to 29 March, we shall be having this powerful purpose in all our Universal Churches:

The 10 Fridays of the Mighty Hand and the anointing of the Rose with the Oil Blessed on Mount Sinai.

Bring a rose to be anointed with the Oil which was blessed on Mount Sinai – the Oil of Deliverance.

We believe that as you take this rose home, it will be the hand of God entering your life to set free, break curses and open paths.

You will receive a strong prayer every week to combat your problems through your faith and an empowering message from the Word of God.

Join us at your local Universal Church this Friday at 7:30pm (or any service during the day) to participate in this 10-week purpose to resist against all evil.

Make a commitment to attend without breaking the chain in order for it to work effectively. We look forward to seeing you.

Watch this video below to learn more:



Event: The 10 Fridays of the Mighty Hand
Date and Time: Fridays at 7:30pm (also at 7am, 10am & 3pm)
Location: At your local Universal Church

Disclaimer: Please note that the oil itself has no magical properties, but it can be used to awaken your faith and give you the willpower to overcome your battles. Our spiritual advice should be seen as a complement to any scientific or medical treatment you may be receiving.

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