UCKG HelpCentre Glasgow ‘Support our renovation works appeal’


The UCKG HelpCentre (UK registered charity no. 1043985) first came to the UK back in 1995 and since then has various locations established across the country. In England, Wales and Northern Ireland, Scotland was the only location yet to have a UCKG HelpCentre. Despite making our way there back in 2007, there were a number of difficulties faced setting up in Scotland.

To understand how much this means to some of the current locals in Scotland, watch the video below.

Follow the development of the work below:

Altar and Auditorium

Children’s Biblical Centre 

Soup Kitchen

Now after 13 years, we have finally acquired a building for our locals in Scotland, but we need financial backing to help our refurbishments of the church. For this reason, we are launching the UCKG HelpCentre Glasgow ‘Support our renovation works appeal.’

The UCKG HelpCentre is a non-profit UK charity dedicated to helping people live life to the fullest—physically, emotionally and spiritually. Over the years, we’ve reached such a large and diverse group of individuals that our growing family now includes some 12 million people from all walks of life, in over 100 countries and is still expanding.

We have a heart to help and a strong community focus. We take the approach of forming Community Groups as a way of engaging its members in lending a helping hand to the local community. The groups are formed to help specific areas of the community where people are suffering and struggling.

What we have come across over the years has at times been shocking, unsettling and even hard to hear…A stark reminder of how cruel and unfair life can be, even for those who are trying their very best to live an average life.

But we’ve discovered that with the right kind of support and guidance, even the most heart-wrenching stories can become tomorrow’s inspirational ones. That’s why we don’t give up on anyone; that’s why we do what we do.

And what is it exactly that we do? Well, let the amazing true-life stories you’ll read show you.

If you appreciate the work of the charity, please take a moment to show your support by giving a voluntary donation that will help towards the refurbishments of our UCKG HelpCentre in Glasglow.

Ways that you can give

Fill out our donation form online.

You can call our Helpline on 020 7686 6000, where someone will be able to assist you on how to donate.