Striving to excel

a really good pay rise, I found out about the Universal Church,

Striving to excel 1‘My finances were a mess. Although I was studying, my grades were consistently getting worse: I felt as though I wouldn’t finish my studies and I didn’t see a future for myself. That’s when I found out about the Universal Church and began to attend the ‘Nation of the 318’ meetings on Mondays, focused on finances.

At the meetings, I learned to have faith and I was able to believe and see a future for myself again. I began to practice the teachings that were being taught there and, gradually, I started to see things change. I was able to focus more on my studies: I managed to finish university and began to work in my field as a facility administrator. However, I wasn’t happy with my wages and I didn’t accept that. I used my faith and took action by going to speak to my boss about it. At first, he didn’t accept it, but I continued believing. Within a week I was offered a really good pay rise: I was really happy with this. I am financially improving and striving to excel continually in my area of work.’

Ruth Ana Airosa

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