Setting Health As One Of My Priorities

changed for the better, exercising and eating healthily, I was a very busy,

Setting Health As One Of My PrioritiesYolanda shares a snippet of her story and how she has changed, with the hope that this can help you to take steps towards living a more intentionally focused, healthier life.

“I confess that I was a very busy bee! I was juggling my kids, work, my home, my responsibilities as a wife, my faith, and running my own business. Although I did not have any serious health problems, it was taking its toll on me.

Before I knew it, I was 70kg when my normal weight was between 58-60kg. I was becoming winded after walking up the stairs or running for the bus, and I didn’t like it. Being well aware of my family’s history of health issues, I decided to do something about it.

With the support of the Godllywood women´s group at the UCKG, I was able to make adjustments to my lifestyle. There was a task where we had to look after ourselves by exercising and eating healthily. The importance of looking after our body because it is connected to our inner joy was something that was emphasised.

We spend so much time helping others that we easily forget about and neglect ourselves. Since then I have been active: I watch and participate in training videos for 45 minutes every day. I planned my meals and made my health a priority, all whilst keeping on top of my other responsibilities.

Since the start of my journey, I have dropped from 70kg to 62kg in two months! As a result, I felt more energetic – I wake up an hour earlier than I used to in order to exercise without feeling tired. I feel younger and more confident with myself. My skin has also changed for the better.

Health can affect both your mind and body. If we are not healthy, how do we expect to help others to be physically and mentally healthy?”

Yolanda Napoli

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