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The Rescue of Dignity Group (ROD) has been supporting prisoners and their families in the United Kingdom since 1997. Its approach to reducing recidivism is a holistic programme that supports offenders from sentencing through imprisonment with continued support in the community to enable them become law abiding and live positive lives. The ROD Group is made up of trained volunteers who dedicate their time to giving spiritual and practical support that have enabled inmates to successfully turn their lives around.

We understand the importance that receiving a letter can have for an inmate. It is a sign that someone cares, that someone wants to hear from them, and that they were remembered.

We work to reduce the pressure upon families and to increase the morale of inmates by writing letters, and sending uplifting and positive messages.

Our letters are an be handwritten or typed, writing to your friends and loved ones may require their consent.

The toll on a family member’s time can often become extremely high, meaning that they are unable to visit their loved one regularly. The factor of distance can also have a significant impact on whether or not an inmate receives any visits at all.

The ROD Group undertake a number of visits each year throughout the UK. Visits depend on the prisoner’s consent and; if they are on remand or sentenced.

Our visits work to build positive and supporting relationships, leaving the inmates encouraged and motivated to face another day.

We understand that the court hearing process is a stressful one. Before a judgment is passed, anxiety and depression can begin to take hold of all those involved. ROD group member attend court hearings to offer impartial and practical support to families and friends those facing a court case and their loved ones. The group volunteers are there to encourage as well as to be a listening ear.

We know that the statistics for reoffending are not in favour of those being released from prison. A number of factors contribute to this including the lack of one to one support once back in society.

It is clear to those in the ROD Group that once released; inmates can often feel judged and create reversed effect on the ex-offender. Released individuals are known to face discrimination and rejection from neighbours and others in the community.

We offer a mentoring and befriending service for inmates just before they are released and once they are out in the community to give this very support.

Being released from prison should be an exciting moment for prisoners. However, we know that there are many who have lost contact with their loved ones due to their incarceration. This moment should be one of joy but can bring fear to many, especially those who have served a long sentence or who do not have a plan of what to do once they are out.

Rod group volunteers arrange to meet those released at the gate of the prison, being a friendly face and a strong hand to help them to take the first steps to rebuilding their lives

Letter writing

Case Studies


"I was abused at 15 years old and from then on I developed an attitude. If anybody came onto me I would attack them. In 1995 I went to prison for three-and-a-half years for stabbing a girl with whom I got into a fight. After I was released I got into trouble again. The ROD group helped me to build my confidence and gave me a new lease of life."

Cyrena Mullings

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If you have a loved one incarcerated and you think they could benefit from our services, please fill in the inmate request form below.

Someone from our team will get back to you as soon as possible to explain how your loved ones can contact us.

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