Proof that people no longer know how to date


Dating goes far beyond good and romantic moments; it is to see and analyse the partner’s actions and decide whether to marry. Learn the real reason for dating and put it into practice.

A student recently wrote to us that she dated her husband for 4 years, but only after the marriage did she find out he was addicted to video games.

When I say that people no longer know what dating is, it’s for reasons like this. How can a person date for 4 years and not identify this very serious behaviour problem that the boyfriend has?

This happens because people treat dating as a kind of leisure, an opportunity to walk, go to the restaurant, to the movies, and enjoy moments together.

That is, instead of using the dating period for an expedition, a search, a journey to explore who the other person is and also let yourself be explored by the other person, in the sense of personality, goals, observation of behaviours, getting to know the family.

Do you want to learn more about yourself, your partner and how to be happy in your love life? If you’ve answered yes, these meetings are for you.

Being happy in your love life starts with you and that’s what the Love Therapy Seminars are designed to do – to help you invest in your inner self.

Whether you are single, dating, married, divorced or widowed, you can benefit from this weekly purpose as it is an investment in you.

Join us every week for a thought-provoking and analytical message which will transform the way you see, think and behave in your relationship.

To make the most of these meetings, you can bring a notebook, pen and your Bible and make these meetings a weekly commitment. You are also encouraged to attend every Thursday without breaking the chain until the end of the year.

Furthermore, if you are in a relationship, invite your significant other to join you.

Check out the video below and do your homework to avoid surprises:


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