Overcoming all negativity

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Overcoming all negativityFrom a young age, Davina Nunez was a family-orientated child, but that changed when her father passed away when she was just six.

The effects of his death made me develop a negative outlook on life. On top of this, I started having spiritual attacks.

While I was still young, I remember feeling as though something was following me. One day while watching TV, I came across a spiritualist who apparently contacted the dead, so I tried speaking with my dad. From then on, I felt a presence that I believed was his, but it soon started to scare me.

I also watched horror films, and from that, I started to see scary faces in curtain patterns, my bathroom window, in the corners of my room. My trauma continued when I fell asleep. I suffered from sleep paralysis, so I often stayed up until 5 a.m.

With everything that was happening, I wasn’t willing to push myself during my education. There came a point where I wanted to commit suicide because I thought my life wouldn’t amount to anything.

Then one day a friend of mine reached out to me. She taught me the importance of faith. Through the Friday meetings at the HelpCentre, I allowed God to enter my life, and I began praying more sincerely. I also spoke to an assistant at the HelpCentre, who then shared with me her experience with spiritual attacks.

I was given helpful and practical advice, and today I no longer suffer from spiritual attacks. I am truly happy, and I’ve accomplished so much in my life.

Davina Nunez

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