My right to FREEDOM

a real transformation into my life, accept the Word of God, my life was falling apart,

I had a void in my life – one that I didn’t know how to fill. A void that made me deeply sad, mentally tired and physically weak. However, in order to look after my children, I got up, went to work, cooked, cleaned and continued to get on with my life… for the sake of them.

sharon tilburyOver time everyone around me could see that something was not right with me. I, however, did not acknowledge this till I realised just how much weight I had lost due to my stress. I hadn’t been eating or sleeping well, I was constantly in pain and the thought of ending my life kept crossing my mind – in reality my life was falling apart.

A friend of mine had spoken to me very highly about the Universal Church, and she had also invited me to go with her multiple times but I would always kindly refuse her invitations. However, one day I came to the realisation that I had nothing to lose so I decided to go with her… I am so grateful for that day because there I learnt how to enact a real transformation into my life.

At the Church I listened to the Word of God and the advice that was shared in the meetings and when I decided to apply it, I started seeing changes within myself. One of the lesson from the meeting that I took on board and understood well was that I had to work on myself first to be able to also change the circumstances around me. In order to apply this, I took part in church activities and continuous chains of prayer (consecutive attendance of a particular church service.) After applying the lessons, the void I had lived with for so long, no longer existed.

For anyone going through what I went through, my biggest piece of advice would be to be patient and to stick through with the solutions that give you positive outcomes – for me it was the practical teachings I received at the Universal Church. As you already know, nothing good in life comes easy, but the strength needed to persist for what is good for your life can certainly be found here. So, come and speak to one of the advisers. If I was able to find help, why wouldn’t you?

Today, I have happiness that comes from the inside and I have God. Not only does this make life more exciting but it also drives me to help others. Once you understand and accept the Word of God, you will see that His promises truly do come to pass.’

Sharon Tilbury

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