Loneliness increases the risk of cancer

how to focus on your love life,

Loneliness increases the risk of cancerLonely men are more likely to suffer from the disease

A study conducted by the University of Eastern Finland showed that lonely middle-aged men are 10% more likely to suffer from cancer than men in the same age group who have partners.

According to the researchers, loneliness can influence the development of various types of cancer as much as smoking or obesity can, for example.

To reach this conclusion, the researchers studied 2,570 men from the 1980s to the present day. Over 30 years of analysis has proved the importance of sociability.

Loneliness affects men’s health regardless of their socioeconomic status, sleep quality, lifestyle, and other factors, such as depression, heart diseases, etc.

How to fight loneliness

The number of people who feel lonely is increasing year by year. And that is not because “it is hard to find someone”, as many claim. The truth is that people are not prepared to enter into a relationship, and this makes them feel as though they are unable to build a love life. Or, in some cases, they even try to have a relationship with someone, but it ends badly.

Writer and co-author of the book ‘Bulletproof Marriage 2.0’ Cristiane Cardoso, explains that having a happy love life is for everyone, regardless of past failed relationships. But for someone to be happy in love, they need to seek help and improve themselves before entering into a relationship.

“People say that it is hard to find someone, but what is really hard is to recognise that they need help”, concludes Cristiane.

Writer and co-author of ‘Bulletproof Dating’ Renato Cardoso, affirms that in the same way that we can’t count on luck for our professional life, this also applies to our love life. No one can build a relationship by chance. It is necessary to seek help and apply yourself.

He explains: “When you want to be successful in a certain area of ​​your life, you have to focus on it. If you don’t focus, it will not happen. So, you must know how to focus on your love life. You need to seek help and intelligence to improve your love life. There are people who are happy in love, so there’s a way for you to also achieve this happiness.”

This “way” can be learned at the Love Therapy. The seminar provides tools to prepare singletons to find the right person and build a solid relationship.

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