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LimitlessSometimes you don’t know what you can achieve until you put your mind to it. I’ve always been taught that I am limitless, but I really believed it and put all my strength into achieving my goal.

I had always fought to earn more than my age, but this time I wanted to earn double my age and reach the 60k mark. In January, I went into work and decided to resign, telling the MD that I wanted something better. I was already on a very good salary, but I had a new vision. She refused to accept my resignation and although I had only been there for three months and was still in my probation, she asked the CEO for special allowances to increase my salary. She told me she would increase it by 7k and if there were anything in my job description I wasn’t happy with, she would remove it. In January, I already saw the increase reflected in my pay, so I was pleased.

In February, I started developing my project management consultancy on the side. With one client and only working a few hours at home per week, I earned an extra £400 on top of my salary.

I was happy to see my faith working and my salary increasing each month, but I remembered my vision to earn in excess of 60k. Although I was near my goal, I wasn’t there yet. So despite my favour and increase, I still resigned from my job. I did a personal challenge of faith in January, and therefore I knew God would honour my leap of faith. I only applied for jobs over my goal salary and although I got many rejections and calls from agencies telling me I wouldn’t make it and to compromise, I kept my vision.

At the end of February, a role came through for a digital marketing company with offices in the US, Europe and Asia working with top household name brands and I knew that was the job I wanted. I had five tough interviews, but in the end I got the role—to line manage their operations staff and support the president within the European and Asian offices. My salary in March is 14k more than the one in January.

Also in February, I won a pitch via my consultancy to work on a children’s book for 5k. We complete the project in April and so once again, my salary will increase next month.

When I had the goal to earn double my age I never imagined that I would be able to reach it and exceed it. I also never imagined that I would reach my target within the first few months of 2016. Now it’s onwards and upwards and I’m excited about my new goals and the year ahead.

Gemma Passley

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