Let’s Make Marriage Last…

Marriage Last
It was stated that 50% of marriages end in a divorce, where has it all gone wrong? We could ask ourselves this question to reflect on this statement; How many people prepare so much for the day of the wedding but are not prepared for a marriage?

At the Universal Church, we are dedicated to making love last, and no we don’t believe in fairy tales but in intelligent love.

Intelligent love is based on the Word of God, it guides a couple to put reasoning above their emotions. It’s quite hard when you’re stuck in a marital problem to take emotions out of the picture but it’s not impossible!

So, what is the secret of making love last?

Ours is simple, invest in intelligent love – for 7 weeks (Tuesday, 7 March) the Love Therapy team will host their yearly Marriage Course with presenters Pastor Lucas and Mrs Camilla.

For 7 weeks, couples who are engaged or married are welcome to participate in this course where they will receive valuable tips and guidance on how to tackle the expected and unexpected challenges that married life brings.

If you are interested and would like to know how you can take part in this course you can visit our website for more info or call our 24h helpline on: 020 7686 6000