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You can’t find your way in the dark.

When you are in darkness, you can’t see where you are going, you move slowly because you feel unsure of your next step. The moment the light is turned on, you can clearly see where you are and where you need to go. This is what the Let There Be Light event is all about.

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It's time to step
into light

When light shines in darkness, all is revealed—the truth of a matter, a starting point, a direction, —whatever this may be for you, it begins when you choose to step out of the dark and say, ‘Let there be light!’

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I was living in darkness


When I lost my mum at a very young age, my world fell apart. I had a huge void within me. Growing up I started smoking heavily – both cigarettes and weed – and I lived a very promiscuous life.

On the outside I acted like everything was fine but inside, I saw myself as a monster. I felt low and didn’t like myself. This was my darkness. I wanted to be different and decided to ask for help, and at the Universal Church, I found a faith that pushed me to truly change my ways. Now I have peace. I’m free from my negative habits and deep sadness, I’m happily married for 8 years and faithful to my wife. My life was transformed.

Samuel Danquah

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