Being a man used to be something very simple. You learned two things early on: fight to defend yourself and hunt to feed. Who did this very well, got along very well. And took the girl home.

That was the basic criterion when the father considered a boy to marry his daughter. And she too. In many cases, love was secondary. You didn’t hear women detailing a long list of attributes they wanted in a future husband: “He has to be affectionate, humorous, likes to go for walks, romantic, considerate, smells good, loves animals, accepts me for who I am, takes me in the lap when I’m tired, notice when I change my hair, sensitive, good conversationalist, friend, dress well…”

None of that.
“Can you and are you ready to protect me with your life? Can you support me as well as or better than my father? Then put a ring here…” Simple as that.

Being a man in the 21st century is another story. The world changed. Women have changed. And many men still have their heads in the back. The result of this is there to be watched in 3D: men displacedunprepared and discredited.

Introducing the Intellimen

You may already have guessed that the project name is a combination of the words intelligent and men. We chose this name because besides sounding like a superhero, which every man secretly aspired to be since he was a kid, it perfectly embodies the project’s aims: to build up intelligent and better men in everything.

For now, the project will focus on making regular men better. “Making men better” will be our motto. Being intelligent men, our mission. Let’s walk together, learn from each other. But expect CHALLENGES. We will challenge you to be better in all areas of your life.

And to be an IntelliMen, you must never run away from the challenges nor fail to complete them. Above all, you need the key ingredient to all learning: humility. If you do not recognise that you need to improve, we cannot help you. Even if you are already strong and successful in many things, you must understand that:

No one will succeed by strength alone. 1 Samuel 2.9

It takes more than muscles to be a man. Character, intelligence and faith are more important.

Let us now turn to the basic questions about the project and how to participate.



manThe IntelliMen project has helped me understand how I must improve to the true definition of a man. From being hugely involved in the world, doing things such as smoking drugs, going out partying, having uncontrollable anxiety with no self control, I also never had aim for my future. I would never show love to my daughter and wife, which made me feel ashamed of myself. My anger dominated me but I couldn’t dominate what’s around me as I should have.

After doing the project and maturing spiritually through it, I can truly say I am becoming a man that my wife and daughter can be proud to call their dad and husband. – Sharokh Hatami

1. What is IntelliMen?

It is a group exclusively for men who want to be better in all areas of their lives. Men helping men, sharing what is good, working hard to improve every day — and having fun while doing it.

2. Who can participate?

Men of any age who are willing to submit to the rules of the group, detailed in our Manifesto.

3. How can I participate?

Read this entire Manifesto carefully, understand its conditions, commit to the project, and complete the weekly challenges that will be given to the group every Sunday.

4. Where can I join?

Anywhere in the world. The IntelliMen is not limited to a city, state or country. All you need is to have access to the Internet to interact with group’s blog and social networks.

5. What do I do now?

Read the Conditions below to join and, if you accept them, begin working on the first Challenge immediately.

Participation Conditions

– Be humble to learn and be guided by the group.
– Be fully committed to completing all tasks and challenges within the given deadlines.
– Practice the spirit of sharing, especially being active on social media and the group’s blog.
– Make your best effort to attend official group events in your area which may occur from time to time. (At first, participation will be primarily via the Internet, but face-to-face meetings are planned.)
– Maintain respect and good humor with everyone in the group.
– Represent the group well at all times, setting a good example of behavior and character.
– Promoting the group so other men find out about it and can join in too — starting with choosing an Official Partner (explained in Challenge #1)
– If you have constructive criticism for the group organizers, that’s welcome. However, comments with the intention of denigrating the group will result in its exclusion.
– That’s right, we reserve the right to exclude you with or without explanation. However, we hope we never have to use that right.
– If it’s to start, it’s to finish. There are 52 Challenges, one per week, for a year. If you’re not willing, don’t start. Here, giving up is not intelligence.

Still unsure? Read more stories of how the IntelliMen project is helping men everywhere.

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