‘I’m fine’ was a deadly lie

cloud over my head, habits that I struggled to break, life could change,

Annabel Owusu Ansah

We come across people everywhere we go, but how often do we take a minute to really check on how they are inside? The latest headlines of actors, musicians and celebrities who have sadly taken their own lives just goes to show that no matter the external image, behind closed doors, it’s hard to run from one’s inner turmoil. Survivor, Annabel Owusu-Ansah knows all too well what this feels like and today, she bravely shares her story with us.

‘To those outside, I was fine. At home I was a different person. I isolated myself from my family. I felt a deep sense of sadness that I tried to drown out with music, watching porn, taking over-the-counter drugs and later, alcohol. These became habits that I struggled to break. At my lowest point, I was obsessed with ending my life.

My failed suicide attempt broke my morbid train of thought. I thought that, because I was still alive, maybe there is a reason for me to be on the planet. It was during this period that a stranger invited me to the Universal Church.

They said my life could change. This challenged me. It was strange coming to church as I hadn’t been to one for such a long time. Would God want to help someone like me? I guess He did because after the first sessions, I saw results. I slept peacefully from then even until now.

My first action of faith—anointing my pillow with blessed oil— worked! That ignited a spark of hope inside me. I started to believe I could change inside. I would talk to God about all my negative habits, thoughts and choices as a sign of me giving it up for the positive life He had to give me.

The more I did this, it felt like a dark cloud over my head was lifted. I became happy, positive and truly fine from the inside out.

Today I am a completely new Annabel. The biggest difference I see in myself is in my character. I had such a negative view of myself, of people and of life but God has really transformed me from the inside out. It’s hard to look back and think that I was in such a hard place. I’m grateful that someone reached out to me when they did. I don’t know where I’d be if I didn’t come to the Universal Church when I did.’

Annabel Owusu-Ansah

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