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AccountantTo what extreme would you go to for a job you really wanted? Would you stand outside train stations advertising your skills on a huge sign to call the attention of potential employers whilst handing out your CV? This was exactly what Dharamveersing Seegolam did. Read on to see how he changed the narrative and went from unemployed to employed.

“During the lockdown I felt stuck by myself within the four walls of my house and struggling financially to survive because I’d lost my job at the retail company I worked at. After grappling for so long, this forced isolation gave me time to finally stop and do a self analysis. What I discovered was disapointing – my life had not moved forward. It had been years since I arrived in the UK and I was nowhere near the ‘fresh start’ I’d hoped for.

Like most people, I wanted to be successful but I didn’t always make the right choices. In my home country, Mauritius, my first run in with the police saw them turning up at my parents’ house. The image of the respectable youth they had of me diminished on the spot. The double life that I was living had been exposed.

I was so petrified that even though I wasn’t religious, that day I found myself promising God that I would change if He helped me out of that situation. But, as soon as the case was dropped, I went back to my old ways. It wasn’t long until I got into trouble again and I had a second case against me. It was either I end up in prison or I decide to change. I packed a suitcase and decided to head to the UK alone to start afresh and make something of myself.”

Dharamveersing wished to get a job in accountancy and build a comfortable life for himself. While he worked towards this, he secured a job in retail. One day as he was heading to work, he got into a conversation with someone who invited him to attend a Sunday service at the Universal Church.

“I was new to the country and didn’t know anyone, so I attended one of the services the following day. What intrigued me was that during the preaching, it was like every word the Pastor spoke was for me. I went back the following day too and have been going ever since! It’s been over 10 years now.

I kept going because this is where I was really challenged to change. To be honest, the success I’ve achieved began when I started to change inside. I was nothing like the boy in Mauritius who was constantly running from the police.

I started presenting my financial plans to God in prayer and fast forward post lockdown, I was attending the Monday services with a clear and defined purpose, which was something I had never done before.

Shortly after, I was inspired with the idea to stand outside different tube stations in London, with my CV and a sign letting potential employers know my accounting credentials. I called so much attention that passers-by would ask to take photos with me to share on their social media. Before I knew it, my photo went viral and I was bombarded with calls from accountancy companies inviting me for interviews.”

With his foot inches from the accountancy door, Dharamveersing had one more obstacle to overcome: who would be willing to choose him over the more qualified candidates.

“One of the things we learn in the Financial Meetings on Mondays at the Universal Church is to be bold. An idea came to my mind to go back to the same company who had previously rejected my application. To my surprise, the Director remembered me and gave me the break I was looking for. I started as a trainee accountant.

accountant2In December 2021, the Director announced he was selling the company to move abroad. My colleagues were astonished when I proposed to buy the company. I didn’t know where I was going to get the money from at that point, but to me this was an opportunity to use my faith. I would pray asking God for wisdom and guidance.

In September 2022, the company went into liquidation and the Director did not have any association with the clients anymore. I was no longer required to pay a single penny for the company. I couldn’t believe it! All the clients were now without an accountant and I was ready to solve the problem. I set up my own business. I created new contracts for each client, as they already knew me. We had a great business relationship and they were happy to remain under my care.

Since October 2022, I have been successfully running my own accountancy company. Compared to before, my life has completely changed and my financial struggle no longer exists. I enjoy the freedom of working for myself and the transformation in my financial life was truly a blessing from God.

This experience is a reminder to me that anyone can change the course of their life. In fact, I challenge those who may be in a similar situation to what I was in to do something different. Maybe for you, this bold step to re-write your story could be to attend the Sunday morning service at 10am like I did all those years ago.”

Dharamveersing Seegolam

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