How many days do you take off social media within a year?


Nowadays, it might sound absurd and quite frankly, impossible for someone to abstain for more than a day from social media. After all, everything we do is somehow linked to or ends up on the “mogul” that is social media.

For this very reason, perhaps a digital detox is just what the doctor ordered! According to an article by Tara Chawla on Medium, the benefits of having a social media cleanse include: reduced feelings of anxiety, more focus for the things you love, a decrease in feelings of missing out, encouragement to talk to people, better sleep, and increased productivity!

Many who’ve done a ‘social media detox’ and cut out other forms of media for a period of time have been said to have experienced higher levels of happiness. In fact, in a survey of a digital detox retreat group who spent one week away from all technology, were asked to rate their happiness levels before and after the retreat: their happiness levels soared from 4.5 to 8.6 (out of 10). People who do this comment on it being one of the best things they’ve ever done, and still do a media detox periodically for their physical and mental health.

Did you know, that this is also great for our spiritual life? The less distracted your mind is on what is going on in the world (which doesn’t look that great at the moment), and the more focused you are on connecting to the things on High—the things of God—the clearer things become.

21 Days to edify your faith

Sunday, 21st of March sees the kick start of The Fast of Daniel—a spiritual detox where you are invited to disconnect from media to re-connect with God. The Fast of Daniel, based on chapter 10 of the book of Daniel in the Bible, is for those who want their faith to be revived and for those who want to receive the Holy Spirit.

During this period, you’re invited to invest on what edifies your faith. You can meditate on the Word of God daily, get active in your faith and get involved with content that edifies our faith. But more than all of this, you will have quality time to really communicate and get closer to God. This fast isn’t about filling your time with things to do, it’s about connecting with God.