Hope VS Hope – which do you depend on?

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Hope VS Hope - which do you depend on?

There are two kinds of people in this world, and both certainly feed off one of two kinds of hope.

Type 1

The first kind is governed by “hope” in the Greek sense of the word, where “hope” means “uncertainty of the future”. It refers to a hope in something that is humanly possible. This natural hope excludes the supernatural power of God’s work in us, denying that all things are possible for those who use their faith. So this definition of hope can be characterised as “hoping everything goes well”.

It is the most common faith known to all, which we should reject as long as we walk by faith. With this “hope”, when things “don’t happen”, people become powerless. These people will never change their own story! Instead of dictating the rules in their lives, the problems are the ones that dictate them. Instead of reigning, they surrender to the echoes of past failures; present challenges and their future perceptions become the most miserable. They are essentially negative individuals.

A synonym for this kind of hope is “unbelief”. The hope that is rooted to the natural can only produce fear. And fear produces unbelief, which acts in the mind to destroy our dreams. Fear is a kind of faith, but it works with the negative. Always expecting the worst is the truest definition of unbelief.

Type 2

The second kind follows the traditional Jewish interpretation that hope is the “expectation that things will work out, because God is faithful”. This is not in yourself or in your human condition, but this hope is in what God has promised, and that He will surely fulfil what He has promised. This is the “hope” that pleases God and nourishes faith. And, faith is for your spirit, what hope is for your mind.

There is something else we should understand— when you have hope that God will do the impossible, you are challenging the negative energy that surrounds us and everything else that is not of the faith. This negative energy will try to manifest in your thoughts, as well as use people you highly regard.

During your journey of faith, this is the battle you have to face first. It is fundamental for true hope to win, because the kind of hope that wins will inspire your faith and determine the course of your life.


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    7th April 2016

    I never saw Hope in that way I mean believe that negative things will happen it's is a hope the fear and what is more doubt I this are the two though I will say that they do not came from God and are totally against God. Fear retain our capacity of believe and have faith and doubt are what make us tell God that we don't trust in Him and that He is not capable to help us but then there is the other Hope that is faith in God that make us move mountain and transform impossible in to POSSIBLE. Ooh is amazing.thank you Bishop to make me understand.

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    23rd April 2016

    wow this is a very powerful message, I never knew that we hope is different ways, I understood that I have to put my hope unto God and not unto a human or something else. God bless

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    25th April 2016

    This has really shown me the difference between the kind of hope that trusts in God and the kind of hope where you are hoping to hope in Him. I need to make sure I always check to make sure I don't use the Type 1 kind of faith which doesn't see God's supernatural power.

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    28th April 2016

    wow what a powerful message, I've understood that I should have hope in a positive manner and to not just hope but to also use my faith

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    23rd May 2016

    I also never knew that there were two types of hope. This message has truly changed my entire perception of thinking from this moment forward. Thank you Bishop for this incredible insight! My faith is now stronger than EVER!

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    Franscina nyambose

    30th June 2016

    God will fulfill what he promised the nourishes faith pleases God,he want us to be faith full to him. he will be faith full to us,know I believe that God he is in my sight.

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    Ncedisa Jam jam

    5th July 2016

    The bible teaches us about the true hope in God,it says that that hope does not waver or become weak as time goes by.this hope is Abrahamic hope.it Hopes agaist hope,meaning believing that the impossible will be possible regardless of time