Healthcare Professionals Serve Locals in Lewisham


The Health Point initiative, organised by the Patient Care Group (PCG), arrived at Lewisham Community Space last Saturday. Healthcare professionals willingly volunteered their afternoon providing free health screening tests to members of the public.

The event comprised of 3 stations, checking blood pressure, blood glucose, oxygen saturation and heart rate, as well as providing free health advice.

Healthcare-Professionals-serve-locals-in-Lewisham-small-picThere were many people with questions and concerns in regards to their health and this initiative played a role in raising awareness on how they can better their health with small improvements to their lifestyle choices.

People from all walks of life were welcome to receive our services and were grateful for the opportunity. Even the Mayor of Lewisham, Brenda Dacres, paid us a surprise visit to commend the good work.

Projects such as these, make a great impact in local communities across the UK and in the lives of those in need. However, even those who volunteer in them see the importance of taking part in these events and how it benefits their faith:

“I take part in projects like this because I understand that serving God is more than just being inside of the church. We are able to reach so many more people who need our help through the community outreach groups,” said one of the doctors who volunteered in this initiative.

“It was an amazing experience! I felt privileged to be able to serve the community in this way. The atmosphere was very friendly and the event was well organised. I believe the community were able to see the importance of the PCG,” she expressed.

Do you want to be involved in future community projects to give back to those in need?

There are many ways you can give back to your community, simply visit your nearest Universal Church and speak with your Pastor who will be able to assist you.

Meanwhile, you can check out some of the recent projects that have taken place in your local community by visiting our social media platforms.



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