Godllywood Self-Help: Don’t miss the last meeting of 2022

speaking to God,

Godllywood Self-Help: Don't miss the last meeting of 2022

Godllywood Self-Help meetings aims to rescue values ​​forgotten by modern society and help women to be better in all aspects: at home, at work, as a wife, professional, mother, daughter and, above all, as a person.

Throughout this year we have had a number of meetings that have touched on various topics to help women develop, we are sure that this last meeting of this year will end on a high and give you the right guidance you need to enter 2023.

Our self-help meeting will take place Sunday, 5 December at 5pm at the Rainbow Theatre. Imagine being able to voice what you feel, and let go of burdens, worries, and concerns by speaking to God and Him speaking to you.

This meeting will be special as it will allow you to have an opportunity to not only hear the voice of God but to speak to Him and develop true communion.

Only those who make themselves available will hear His voice, so mark this date in your calendar and spread the word!


Event: Godllywood Self-Help Meeting
Date and Time: Sunday, 5 December at 5pm
Location: Taking place at the Rainbow Theatre, livestream will be broadcasted in all UCKG branches outside London

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