Friends with Down’s Syndrome open successful pizzeria

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Friends with Down’s Syndrome open successful pizzeria

Even though a few companies offer an inclusion program for people with disabilities, it is still difficult for some people to find work, especially in less developed countries. That is why a group of friends who were born with Down’s Syndrome decided to rely entirely on themselves to succeed.

After unsuccessfully searching for work in many places, they teamed up and opened Los Perejiles, a pizza restaurant that specialises in parties and events. The restaurant was opened in 2016 by Mateo Kawaguchi and three of his friends, Leandro, Mauricio and Franco.

They had all had horrible experiences when trying to enter the job market simply because they had Down’s Syndrome. They also had one more thing in common: their love of pizza. That’s when the idea for the business was born and, with the help from Kawaguchi’s mum, they set to work to make it happen.

And happen it did.

They were very successful and in one given year they managed to cover more than 200 events taking pizzas and traditional Italian food to parties, weddings and private events.

Their buffet now has capacity for 600 people in a single event.

On their website, they describe themselves as ‘a team of more than 20 young people with the daily yearning to overcome ourselves’.

If you have a dream of making it big but you lack the push that you need to go out there and make it happen, just remember these young men who challenged the odds. Everyone has the chance of making it big in life. If you need help in finding the motivation, attend one of the UCKG meetings.

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