Forging future leaders


On Saturday, 28 October in the Rainbow Theatre in Finsbury Park, the Universal Teen Force (UTF) held an energetic and dynamic dance event – ‘Just Dance’.

This lively event for young teens started with a warm up, which comprised of dancing and chanting.

After making the first prayer to present the teens, parents and event in God’s hand, the first performance was up. All the branches where we have the UTF group presented a dance performance to compete against one another.

There was also a head-to-head between the UTF advisors who were split into two teams. The winner was decided by their teens who eagerly cheered them on from their seats.

The Victory Youth Group (VYG) a youth network in the church entertained the teens with a live dance performance before the graduation took place. This was a moment to celebrate the growth and development of the UTF graduates, as well as welcome them as they transition into the VYG.

Bishop James, who oversees the work of the Universal Church in the United Kingdom, finalised the meeting with a prayer. The teens were invited to make a decision to surrender their youth to God, choosing to follow the right path and serve God.

The UTF is a group in the church dedicated to helping pre-teens develop a relationship with God and choose the right path based on Biblical principles. This group has helped many teenagers mature into youths with a good character and integrity.

If you have a child between the ages of 11-14 and would like them to be involved in the work of the UTF, you are encouraged to visit your nearest Universal Church and speak with your Pastor.

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