Father Christmas would only leave a sock


When humans do not believe in God, they tend to believe in anything. It started with a golden calf, and now, Father Christmas.

God has placed faith in the human being; when they do not know God, they create gods for themselves. After all, they must do something with the faith the Creator has put inside them.

The human being has this inclination because even when they say they are atheists, they claim to believe in science, which is very amusing. After all, God is the source of all science. It’s like saying: ‘I believe in Mona Lisa, but not in Leonardo da Vinci.

So, when people don’t believe in God, they believe in anything, like Father Christmas. And that’s not a child’s thing; many adults believe in it. At this time of year, many people are being carried away by the waves of traditions and cultures and do not even know what they are celebrating.

Each of us carries the tendency to create gods for ourselves. If the Father takes a while to serve us, we immediately go after something else to solve our problems: money, college, doctors, etc.

Because of this human inclination, the first commandment that God gave to the people of Israel, through Moses, was to get rid of empty beliefs and cultures, which took them away from the Creator.

“You shall have no other gods before Me,” God counselled the people.

Moses taking a little longer on Mount Sinai was enough for them to make a golden calf to take them to the Promised Land. That’s what we have to stand against.

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