Jeremy Clarkson’s daughter opens about body confidence and cyber bullying

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Jeremy Clarkson’s daughter opens about body confidence and cyber bullying

Emily Clarkson, daughter of one of Britain’s most recognisable television stars, has revealed her battle with body image issues and bullying in her new book Can I Speak to Someone in Charge? The 23-year-old reveals how she hated her body and dreamed of being thinner: ‘I used to squeeze my eyes shut, cross my fingers and wish that when I woke up in the morning I would be thin. I did this every night.’

She also reveals how she would compare herself to her classmates, pinpoint the parts of her body she hated the most, and cry: ‘I would grab fat rolls on my stomach and squeeze them together so tightly there were finger marks.’

Emily also talks about how she was bullied as a result of her famous father in the chapter ‘Dear Online Trolls’. She discusses how she was referred to as a ‘bloated mess’ and ‘lump of lard’, which brought on feelings of depression.

Even though Emily experienced all of these issues, she is keen to spread a strong and positive message about self-love. She reveals that she has now accepted herself for who she is and wants young people going through the same thing to know that there is hope: ‘To anyone currently being bullied at school and feeling that it will never end because the perpetrators will always be more powerful and more successful and more good-looking than you, you need to remember that people like this never grow up to be people that you, or they, thought they would. Trust me.’

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