The book of Revelation meeting

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We’ve all heard about the ‘end of the world’, and with countless sci-fi movies depicting their interpretation of the planet’s end, it seems like the world’s impending descent is a question for many.

But what if you could find out the truth about the future? What if you could have a better understanding as to why certain things are happening in the world right now?

The Word of God is the most reliable book that has ever existed, and God uses the bible to speak to us. The Book of Revelation explains what will happen before God comes to Earth and it applies to what we are seeing today.

From conflict to current social conventions, the bible will help you have a better understanding of today’s climate.

So be sure to come to these interesting and helpful meetings every Sunday at 6pm.

Event: The book of Revelation meeting
Day: Every Sunday
Time: 6pm
Location: Your local UCKG HelpCentre



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