Do you live a life of appearances?

The answer is in God,

Do you live a life of appearances?

Living beyond appearances is possible and the secret to this was revealed at the Godllywood Self-Help meeting last Saturday 31st July.

Who has never said, at some point in life, the following sentence: “I allowed myself to be carried away by appearances”? We tend to live by what we see, touch and deduce from visual information. Appearance is deceiving, and even after making countless bad decisions because of it, we don’t seem to have learned our lesson.

How wrong are we for basing our lives only on what we see? Guided by appearances, not only do we make wrong choices that cause great harm, but we also make choices that leave marks that are often irreversible. How many times do we get involved with people, whether a friendship, or even a romantic relationship, which seemed to be good for us, but in the end, we realized we were wrong?

The meeting higlighted that woman don’t want to be”misjudged”, many strive to show that they are “jack of all trades”, that is, popular, intelligent, empowered, loved, happy, strong, efficient, better mothers, independent and spiritual.

But why do we tend to show these things? Because society has created this unreachable standard of how woman should be, which leads people to expect this from us and we also expect this from them. Such attitudes can become a form of slavery, in which women feel obliged to prove certain things at all times.

Living beyond what is seen
However, in the ideal world, that is, which is beyond appearances, we would be people without prejudice (because this is linked to appearances). Furthermore, we would no longer be slaves of fashion, we would age with pleasure, we would accept ourselves, we would feel neither superior nor inferior to people and we would not be afraid to say “no” or ask for help of fear of “what they will think of us ”. The person who can live beyond appearances has access to all of this and it is liberating because you see the world with different eyes, you don’t have this problem with yourself or with other people.

But what, or rather, who do we need to be to live with this freedom? The answer is in God. Think at this moment about how He is: invisible, since He has no appearance, for He is Spirit; and He does not look to our appearance, but rather to our heart. To have access to God it is necessary to have faith, which is the certainty of something that we neither see nor touch.

God is beyond appearances, He is in the spiritual realm. Therefore, to live in this way, the main condition is to have the Holy Spirit, who is God Himself, dwelling in us.

Therefore, it was concluded that to live a life beyond appearances it is necessary to invest in what is not seen, which will remain forever: God and our Soul. However, it is precisely this that should receive the best investment and that is left aside for things that will never bring satisfaction.

All the things most desired by people and that cannot be purchased without money, such as affection, faithfulness, love and respect, are gifts from God. Only He can give Salvation and the power to think and see like Him through His Holy Spirit. So, if there is any investment you have to make in your life, it’s in Him.

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