Do it in 10’s

This weekend marks the start of our annual Blood Donation Drive, running throughout July across the UK.

The NHS has issued an urgent call for blood donations following a recent cyber-attack that disrupted hospital blood matching services. In response, we’ve mobilised our church community to begin our own blood drive.

Donating blood costs you nothing, but means everything to those in need. Our Community Outreach Group and volunteers of the Universal Church, will donate at various UK centres.
The “Do It In 10’s” initiative encourages 10 members from each branch to donate blood, supporting the local community.

We have secured spots at Shepherd’s Bush Westfield, Stratford Westfield, and Tooting blood donor centre, as well as locations outside London such as Manchester, Birmingham, Nottingham, Leicester, Sheffield, and Leeds. Donations will take place every Saturday in July.

Some volunteers will be donating for the first time, while others, through past donations, have discovered their valuable O- or O+ blood types. This knowledge is a significant benefit since these blood types are in high demand. Without our promotion of blood donations, these individuals might not have realised their potential to help those in urgent need.

We believe this drive will benefit patients needing urgent treatment and inspire eligible donors to join this great cause.

For more information, please call our 24-hour Helpline on 020 7686 6000.

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