Diet hacks part 1

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Diet hacks

Losing weight takes a combination of not only exercising but also dietary changes as well, which sometimes can have an even bigger impact than exercising. We are not saying to become a vegan or take any drastic oaths to never eat certain types of foods again but here are a few “diet hacks” to lead towards a healthier you!

Take out the rubbish!

Whatever your doing now, STOP! Look around you, see everything that you don’t really want or need to eat and throw it away. If it’s in in front of you, you’ll eat it. Now replace them with fresh fruits, vegetables and other nutrient-dense foods.

Take notes

Studies show that taking note of your food intake can help you lose weight and keep it off by identifying what foods have an effect on your weight. There are apps such as MyFitnessPal and Lose It! That make keeping notes easier.

Focus is key

Watching TV, Movies or being on the computer whilst eating is linked with over eating and poorer food choices; and food adverts don’t help either. Step away from the TV and focus on your meal, you’ll find that you don’t eat as much.

Smaller is better

Its been proven that the size of the plate you choose influences the amount that you put on it and choosing a smaller plate can reduce your calorie intake by 20 per cent. Need I say more?

Don’t “drink on” the pounds

Countless drinks out there today have unnecessary amounts of sugar that your body doesn’t need, and drinks such as juice, milk, soda and alcohol makes it easier to put on pounds. Oh, and stay away from weight-gaining drink with “zero-calories”. Water is the way forward.

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