Coming to terms with being addicted

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Coming to terms with being addictedThere are many people who are in denial of being addicted, instead, they choose to see it as something they simply enjoy doing, or as something normal, but they would never claim that they are addicted, or even that they need help, because they are in denial.

Even when it is completely clear to see how this addiction or, rather, ‘enjoyable habit’ is destroying their lives, some still do not reach the point of accepting that they are addicted and need help. Instead, they have lots of explanations as to why their life is a mess.

As long as an individual is not able to say ‘I am an addict and I need help!’ they will never be able to break free from this. This individual could be you or maybe someone that you know.

As human beings, we have a type of defense mechanism that sometimes causes us to subconsciously reject aspects of reality that make us feel uncomfortable. But if we really want to see the truth, then this cannot stop us from seeing the reality!

Perhaps you do recognise that you need help, but so far, despite everything you have tried, you are still addicted. Do not give up! Try the Addiction Cleansing Therapy (ACT) because we are here to help.

Remember, addiction comes in many forms that often go unnoticed. Look behind the denial and maybe there is something in your life that is a form of addiction. This is your opportunity.

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