Christian family flee to their safety after being threatened with death


Picture this, you have spent your Sunday morning in the house of God and as you are returning home to eat lunch with your family, you are confronted by someone who wants to kill you for your faith.

Although, this scenario seems to be extreme, something only seen in movies, this is the reality of many individuals and families across the globe whose lives are in constant danger for practising the Christian faith.

Others have already been victims of violence and aggression, and in some cases, many have also died for their faith.

These events were predicted by the Lord Jesus, who said:

“Then they will deliver you up to tribulation and kill you, and you will be hated by all nations for My name’s sake” (Matthew 24:9 NKJV)

This Biblical prophecy is already unveiling in many countries worldwide, and the persecution towards those of the Christian faith only continues to spread.

Like the recent case of a family in Sudan, who found refuge in the United States, after escaping from a terrible situation for having converted to the Lord Jesus.

They were criminally prosecuted and threatened with death for having converted to Christianity, although it is no longer a crime for a Muslim to convert to other religions.

A legal defence group called ADF International, which represented the Sudanese family, said that the couple Nada and Hamouda were accused of “criminal adultery” after their marriage was declared invalid due to their conversion.

It all started in 2018, when Hamouda accepted the faith in the Lord Jesus. This resulted in the dissolution of their marriage by a sharia court, since it was considered illegal for a Muslim woman to marry a Christian man. With this, came the new accusations of adultery against them.

“My family abandoned me and even my tribe hated me. In fact, I was very sad because they separated me from my wife and took my children. Nonetheless, I remained committed to Christ,” said Hamouda, about the period in which his wife, Nada, had not yet converted.

Two weeks after meeting again and re-marrying, now both converted, Nada’s brother denounced the couple and they were arrested and threatened with execution.

Given this, losing their case in court could result in a death sentence on the part of the state. However, winning could still result in the death of both at the hands of Nada’s brother, who swore to take their lives.

The family’s defence group pointed out that the trial revealed fatal and immediate risks for these Sudanese, so the safest option was for the couple to flee the country.

“We are very happy that Nada, Hamouda and the children are now able to practice their faith without fearing for their lives. Although, both international and Sudanese laws protect the right of Nada and Hamouda to freely choose and live their faith, it is clear that converted Christians in Sudan continue to face serious threats and hostility from the government and the community,” said Kelsey Zorzi, director of defence of global religious freedom at ADF International.

The example of this brave family serves as a reminder to us, of the privilege we have to freely practice our faith in the Lord Jesus.

However, despite this, many Christians despise this opportunity and prefer to cling to statements such as “I can pray at home” or “God is everywhere” instead of embracing the blessing of gathering in church.

If you don’t want to despise this opportunity to draw closer to God, why not make attending the Sunday Morning service a part of your weekly routine?

This Sunday, the “9 Sundays of the Beatitudes” will continue in all our churches, which will be an opportunity for you to become blessed from within.

Bring a bottle of water with your Bible and most importantly your faith, to receive the promises found in the Word of God for your life. We look forward to seeing you there!


Event: The 9 Sundays of the Beatitudes
Date and Time: Sunday, 7 January at 10am (also at 7am)
Location: At your local Universal Church

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