Christian Boy Sent Home by Teacher in Bangladesh


In Bangladesh, a teacher sent home a four-year-old Christian boy from school due to religious prejudice.

Just four years old, the boy Jahangir* (name changed for security reasons) always went to class with a smile on his face. Jahangir’s parents were taken back when their four-year-old son arrived home from school much earlier than expected.

Upon questioning him, Jahangir explained that his teacher had informed him that there was no available space for him on the classroom bench. Although Jahangir was too young to comprehend the situation, he was actually delighted to have an unplanned day off.

However, his parents were well aware of the reason behind his early dismissal. When they confronted the teacher the following day, she straightforwardly stated:

“If the boy attends school and sits alongside other Muslim boys, they might choose to leave. They would be unwilling to share a bench with a Christian boy during classes.”

The teacher had sent Jahangir home because she was aware that his parents had converted to Christianity.

According to Open Doors, many children live this same reality in Bangladesh, a nation ranked 30th on the 2023 World Watch List, where only 0.6% of the population follows Christ.

Therefore, Christians of Muslim origin are seen as infidels and second-class citizens by Islamic radicals. Not even sparing children, who are also victims of cruel persecution attacks, because they do not know how to defend themselves, deeply affecting their parents.

An environment that should be welcoming and educational becomes one of pain and bullying, where not even parents know how to deal with these situations, as they are also targets of persecution and many need to keep their faith secret to avoid attacks.

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