• The Spirit of Might

    ‘With all one’s might’ is a term used to express when someone uses all their power and strength to do something. This could be to achieve a goal, to materialise […]
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  • Stop the Pain

      “And when He came near the gate of the city, behold, a dead man was being carried out, the only son of his mother; and she was a widow… […]

    tears of joy,

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  • The Lord’s Supper of Return

    Normally a feast is done when a great moment of celebration happens. A graduation, a wedding and even the return of a lost son… This was the case of the […]

    God is ready to receive you,

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  • The Ideal Man

    The definition of what it means to be a man today is uncertain and constantly changing – that is why we started the IntelliMen, a project that aims to help […]

    build up intelligent and better men,

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  • Sunday of “I Shall Not Want”

    Many people are familiar with Psalm 23, and some even leave their Bibles open to this passage in their homes in hopes that this would automatically bring the blessings written […]

    presenting your needs to God,

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  • Even good advice falls on deaf ears

    Counsellor is another name the Bible uses to describe the Holy Spirit. He is fully capable of giving us advice but it’s up to us if His advice will be […]

    live life to the fullest,

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  • Blessed Rose: A light to cast out all darkness!

    Many believe that being successful will automatically cause them to have a happy life. But what do you do when things don’t go as planned? When the place where you […]

    be free from all negativity, prayer empowers us to fight,

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  • April: The Month of Open Doors

    When you follow the news and the tabloids, all you see are discouraging news and the chaos happening around society. These outlets hardly give or promise any good news as […]

    experience the supernatural, UCKG HelpCentres,

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  • The Marriage Celebration

    Marriage is a beautiful covenant made between a couple who decide to pledge their lives to one another forever. It usually takes place before witnesses, friends and family members who […]

    the blessing for your marriage,

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    Cook Out to Reach Out

    Before the first national lockdown, we at the UCKG HelpCentre have been running Soup Kitchens from a number of our branches in and outside London, offering support to those who […]

    Soup Kitchen in Finsbury Park,

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