• How to live beyond appearances

    Have you ever stopped to think about what it would be like to live beyond what your outside appearance shows or what people see of you? Discover how to live beyond […]
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  • 44 years of Sacrifice

    On Friday, 9 July, the Universal Church will celebrate 44 years of existence. That isn’t just 44 years of the Universal Church being present in over 100 countries, but years […]
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  • Sunday of Peace

    Everyone longs for peace. Mankind is in constant pursuit of it. Many search tirelessly to find a way to fill the void that they feel inside. However, the countless methods […]

    find everlasting peace in Jesus,

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  • What is inside of you?

    How is your life? What is it about your past that still haunts you? What is your insecurity about the future? In the Bible, when Jacob was at the Ford […]

    introduce yourself to God,

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  • The Lord’s Supper

    The Lord’s Supper is an announcement of what the Lord Jesus came to do on this Earth and a moment of reflection on how we have been dealing with the […]

    the Lord's supper,

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  • Lord’s Supper of the Knowledge of God

    Taking part of the Lord’s Supper has many benefits. It reconciles us to God; it enables us to receive His forgiveness; it gives us strength to continue the good fight, and […]

    salvation of the soul,

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    The Caleb Group’s over 55 Revival Day

    The Caleb Group’s over 55 Revival Day took place on Saturday 5th June, where over 160 people from all over London attended at the Rainbow Theatre. Along with 100 people […]

    a word of faith,

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  • The Power of Prayer

    There isn’t much else that comes above your wellbeing, but more often than not, many people neglect taking care of themselves. They lose hope in the midst of illness and […]

    strengthen your faith,

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  • The Day of Answers

    Sometimes your financial life can feel as though you are knocking on doors that won’t open, or you have a key to unlock a door but it’s the wrong key. […]

    your financial life,

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    Bethel: The Gate of Heaven

    There’s something important that you need to know for your life There was a time in Jacob’s life – son of Isaac and grandson of Abraham – when he had […]

    a symbolic act of faith, faithful to God,

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