Although you work hard, persevere and push through each day, there always seems to be particular things that take away your peace of mind. Whether recent or ongoing, which of the following challenges relate to your life today?

  1. Raising children and helping them succeed in education ☐ 
    You want the best for your children but you can’t seem to provide for them in the way that you would like to.
  2. Securing work ☐
    You can’t keep a job; you’re unemployed; you’ve recently been laid off; you can only secure temporary jobs; your lack of skills and education puts you at a disadvantage. 
  3. Securing affordable housing ☐
    You live in terrible conditions; you’d like to own your own home but cannot afford it at the moment; you struggle with huge rent/mortgage arrears; you are homeless; you are living in fear after receiving an eviction notice.
  4. Finding a job that reflects your skills/qualifications ☐
    You have skills/qualifications but you have to settle for jobs beneath your skills/ qualifications; you are told that you are overqualified for the position you want; you can’t find a job in your field; your applications are always rejected.
  5. Money issues are affecting your relationship ☐
    Though you and your partner love one another, the financial problems have really put a strain on your relationship. Most of your arguments stem from money matters.
  6. Health ☐
    You suffer from an ailment that prevents you from providing the life you’ve dreamt of for your family. You find yourself dependant on benefits but you’re not happy about it.
  7. Constant setbacks and failures ☐
    You feel as if you’re always ‘almost there’, and these setbacks have left you feeling so discouraged that you are on the point of giving up altogether.

The first step to getting out of a situation is recognising where you stand. Now that you’ve done this, you are one step closer to getting to where you want to be.

As a breadwinner, what changes do you need to see in your life? Write it down on this slip and bring it with you on Sunday, 6 November at 10am at your local UCKG.

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