Can you love someone before knowing what love is?

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We all like to think there is that “one person” for each of us, a special someone who will come into your life and make you want things you didn’t even know you wanted.

The path to a healthy and lasting relationship isn’t easy. Romantic comedy films highlight this in their typical plotlines of boy meets girl followed by a blossoming relationship until they encounter a bump in the road. These films usually end with one of them making a grand gesture, then they live happily ever after.

Imagine meeting the love of your life before you even understood what love is? Well, this was what happened to Matt Grodsky and Laura Sheel.

The two met at the age of three in a pre-school in Arizona. According to Matt, he saw her and knew instantly that he wanted to be friends with her, so he started to follow her around. At first, she thought he was a little odd. However, it wasn’t long before they began a friendship. Eventually, they played together every day, even on weekends.

That same year, Matt stood up in front of their pre-school classmates and declared that he would marry Laura one day. The other children laughed at him. This happened in a time before Facebook and other social media, so when they started kindergarten and went their separate ways, they lost touch.

In most cases this would have been the end. Both may remember that time in their lives fondly, but as a distant memory.

However, Matt and Laura reconnected years later thanks to a friend of Laura’s from college. Apparently, his name popped up on her friend’s phone. After Laura told her about their pre-school ‘romance’, her friend decided to set them up. After meeting for the first time in years, they began dating.

Most of us would endure plenty of heartache if we knew that in the end we’d find ‘the one’. For Matt and Laura, the phrase ‘I knew that I loved you before I met you’ holds significant meaning. Today, they are happily married. Children may not be on the cards yet, but they’ll have a great story to tell their children when they ask how Matt and Laura met!

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