When suffering became too much

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When suffering became too muchI had given up on ‘happily ever afters’ long ago.

Not because my husband wasn’t ‘prince charming’! My low self-esteem was eating at me daily. I pushed everyone away especially my husband. My mind then became plagued with suicidal thoughts. One day, the familiar voices came back and I listened. I tied a rope and stood on the chair; just as I was about to step off, my husband walked through the door—I couldn’t go through with it.

By then I had heard a lot about the UCKG HelpCentre and how it helped people. But a year went by before I finally decided to give it a try. The first day at the HelpCentre felt like someone was throwing cold water on me to wake me up from a deep, dark trance. The seminars and the one-to-ones boosted my strength to keep going. But for me, the big change came when I took part in a Challenge of Faith. It was the influence that triggered the transformation in my character; the insecurities, the paranoia, and the low self-esteem I once had are now a distant memory.

It’s been 23 years since I first set foot at the HelpCentre, and each day I make sure to dictate how the story of my life unfolds. Last— but not least—my husband and I are deeply in love. I am the loving and caring mother that my children deserve.

Jane Oliveira

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