Being a blessing

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The aim of this campaign is not for you to just have one more testimony. That’s why we have been speaking about Abraham; God made him the blessing.

There’s a huge difference between being blessed by God and becoming a blessing. Receiving a blessing doesn’t change your life. There are people who were blessed and able to buy a house, but they don’t have a family to share it with.

This time we are not proposing that you write a request connected to one thing; this time, you request will be the following: “If I am a true descendent of Abraham, I must be a blessing myself.

What does it mean to be a blessing?

Lot was blessed because he was with Abraham. When there was an argument between Abraham’s and Lot’ shepherds Abraha decided it was time for them to part ways. He gave his nephew the choice of where he wanted to go—the desert or ‘paradise’. Abraham already knew what Lot’s decision would be, but he gave him that privilege. And Abraham was the one who prospered, whereas Lot ended up leaving the land he had chosen, it was burned to the ground and he lost his wife in the process.

When you become a blessing, you don’t care about the circumstances nor are you afraid of any challenges or difficulties. Wherever you are and whatever you do is a blessing.

Abraham was one of the few human beings who enjoyed life to the fullest, because he didn’t depend on anyone else but God.

This campaign isn’t for you to better your life; it’s for you to change it!

God bless you.

Bishop Randal Brito


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    Mr Bereket

    3rd July 2015

    I believe to be a blessing mean more than being blessed with all the blessing. When someone is a blessing it means he/ she is using the blessing God has given to bless others with or serve God with. It is written God has blessed us with all spiritual blessing in heavenly places EPH 1:3 he does so that we be a blessing to others.

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    Gemma zambra

    30th May 2016

    Yes.Amen Bishop I believe that whatever I do in my life is blessed because I know God is guided me and He bless All the area of my life because I obey her words and voice. And the most blessings that I receive is the Holy Spirit. Very strong message Bishop .

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