Are you feeling rejected in your love life?

Chain of Prayer,

Are you feeling rejected in your love life?
The biblical account in 2nd Kings chapter 5 tells us of a well-respected, powerful, and wealthy Syrian general – Naaman who contracted leprosy. His prestigious reputation, could not help him beat the terrible disease, that was slowly consuming his body.

In the times of the Bible, those who had leprosy were strictly advised not to be in contact with anyone, due to contamination causing them to be banished from everyone.

You’re probably wondering what does this have to do with your love life? Have you ever felt rejected in your love life, put aside, and disregarded?

It’s never easy dealing with hurt and especially when it comes to your sentimental life, the courage to start again or to believe your relationship can change can take a lot out of you.

This is why we write to you; singles, those who are in a relationship, and those who are married to put an end to the emotional and spiritual “leprosy” such as rejection, division, arguments, etc in your love life.

We present to you a 7-week Chain of Prayer to End all Leprosy in your Love Life and start anew. By following the guidance of the prophet Naaman’s health was restored, we too will guide you on how to change the course of your love life.

Sounds like something you’re in need of? Then join us for the Love Therapy seminar this Thursday.


Event: The End of Leprosy in your Love Life
Date & Time: Thursday, 6 October – Thursday, 17 November at 8pm
Location: Rainbow Theatre, for more addresses please visit this link

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