Are You and Your Partner on Different Pages?

There’s alleged trouble in paradise, as scattered rumours have surfaced that Kim and Kanye West’s marriage is crumbling due to the lockdown. It is reported that “the couple has been having issues to the point where they’re supposedly sleeping in different rooms”, and have had a difference of opinions on how to spend their free time.*

It is unlikely that the Wests are the only couple feeling the strain of the pandemic and quarantine. Everyone has been forced to spend more time than they may be used to confined within the four walls of their home. Where leaving the house to go to work would have helped to prevent the feeling of being overwhelmed by each other’s presence, couples have had to find ways to co-exist for 24 hours a day.

If there was ever a need for communication, it would be now. Each individual in a relationship has their different opinions, and to ensure there is understanding, communication is key. You need to know what works best for the both of you.

Talk to each other about how you feel, what you enjoy that you would prefer to do alone, but also what you enjoy doing with your partner. It’s important that there is balance in your relationship; a lack of this could create distance. Refrain from spending large periods of time by yourself; you could become so used to it that you don’t seek to have moments with your loved one, but also avoid suffocating your partner. Most are working from home during this time, so give your spouse the space needed to complete important tasks without interruption.

Despite the turn that 2020 has taken, your relationship doesn’t have to be negatively impacted. Let the Love Therapy help you, with weekly online meetings that offer practical tips and guidance with a spiritual foundation, which are sure to help you make the positive changes needed to bulletproof your relationship.

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