An aesthetic procedure caused the opposite outcome than expected

Linda Evangelista
Known in the 1990s for her attention-grabbing beauty, 56-year-old Canadian supermodel Linda Evangelista is hiding after an aesthetic procedure left her irreversibly deformed.

Recently, on her Instagram profile, Linda unburdened herself by sharing her reasons for being isolated from the public for five years. She had a procedure on her face to reduce fat, but it went wrong.

“I developed paradoxical adipose hyperplasia, a risk that I was not aware of before going through the procedures. It not only destroyed my livelihood, it put me in a cycle of great depression, deep sadness, and the lowest levels of self-loathing. In this process, I became a recluse”⁠, she reported.

Illusionary trend
More and more people want aesthetic changes. Research shows a significant increase in demand, however the results are not always satisfactory. Psychologist Vania Campos believes that the desire to take care of one’s appearance and body is not the problem; however, it is necessary to understand what motivates this desire for perfection.

“On social networks, everyone appears happy, beautiful, with perfect skin and many people start to compare themselves and ask ‘Why am I not like this?’ People create a fantasy of perfection”, points out the specialist. “As if the Hollywood media and movies weren’t enough, social networks with their filters, have also been factors that endorse the desire for an impeccable appearance.”

But how can one find true beauty?
While many run around in search of unreal beauty and looking younger and younger, they leave aside the true value gained from life experiences. Writer and presenter Cristiane Cardoso explains the importance of recognising this.

“Over time, the body’s appearance may not improve, but the person inside gets stronger and better, because every time we learn something about ourselves, we rejuvenate and improve in our own eyes and not in the eyes of others ”, she declared in one of her videos.

Real beauty is within you and not without. So instead of looking for things to constantly improve in your appearance, look for inner improvements that are lasting and real.

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