An addiction from “Within”

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An addiction from "Within"Sometimes when people try to fight an addiction, they try the common solutions. But they don’t always solve the problem, as Halatash found out. In her case, she had to tackle her addiction in a different way.

I was addicted to smoking, and I was also filled with hatred and anger from my past. I tried to quit smoking by cutting down, but I couldn’t. Every time I attempted, I would end up smoking more than before. With regards to my anger, hatred and past pain, I would try to forget about it by partying, surrounding myself with friends, and being in a relationship.

I wanted to keep myself busy and occupied, but I still felt the anger and hatred inside me. I was stuck. For a few months, a friend at college had been inviting me to the HelpCentre, but I would refuse because I didn’t believe in God. Then one day, I finally accepted the invite.

I started off attending the Sunday services only. Then after a while, I started to join weekday meetings. Just like those who attend the ACT meetings, I soon realised from the meetings I attended that, my problems were not external but internal. The actions I was used to taking were not solving my inner problems. From then on, I started to use my faith along with the teachings and advice that were given in the meetings. I began to see a change within myself.

Today, I’m no longer addicted to smoking, nor am I filled with anger and hatred. Within me, I have peace and happiness. I don’t use parties, friends and or relationships to cover my past pains. I have truly overcome my inner traumas.

Halatash Curtis

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