A telephone booth or a mini library?

telephone booth

Have you spotted the renovated telephone boxes dotted around the UK? These obsolete phone booths have been adopted by communities and transformed into mini libraries, art galleries and even mini defibrillator centres in London and nationwide.

The Universal Church have also secured a telephone booth of its own on a busy street in Angel, within the London Borough of Islington.

It will be cleaned and renovated with fixed shelves and life changing books written by Bishop Edir Macedo, founder of the Universal Church.

The hidden gems in these books have already helped hundreds of people not only in the UK, but worldwide to develop a strong mind, improve their relationships and develop a deeper communion with God.

“The books of the church, especially the character of God series by Bishop Macedo, have been such a necessary addition to my faith. They have helped me to clarify any doubts and have been a great guide in my journey of faith.”

Once ready, anyone will be able to facilitate this miniature library and borrow a book to edify their spirit (mind).

Through this, we believe that the main objective of the Universal Church will be executed further – helping and saving souls!

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