A life-changing tip

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A life-changing tip

Keep in mind this advice: those who change their thoughts change their life for better or for worse, and faith in God is the answer for a life of quality.

REPENTANCE has nothing to do with REMORSE. While the first has to do with what is RATIONAL, the second can be considered EMOTIONAL.

When using reason, a person obeys even though he or she may not feel like it. When using emotions, a person disobeys, even though he or she knows it is wrong.

Peter denied Jesus, but repented and was forgiven. Judas betrayed Jesus, felt remorse and ended up committing suicide.

Religious faith has a pact with humanity, not God.

Biblical faith has a pact with God, not religion. This is an intelligent, rational faith that comes from the Spirit of Faith and brings benefits to your everyday life.

God has given us the right to choose. Each person follows their own faith and will reap from its benefits and pitfalls.

Each person has a life according to his or her faith. When someone’s life goes from bad to worse, it is certainly because of their faith. We cannot blame God, other people, fate, karma, luck, or anything similar.

Bishop Edir Macedo
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    Patricia chidhindi

    1st June 2016

    God also cannot manifest his power upon the live of someone emmotional when going through a challenge, but he expect one to be bold,courageous and revolt against their problem .It is no difference from one who have to take a step of repentence. One should not consider the life she/he may lose temporarilywhen surrendering but should consider the benefit that she/he will conqure internally.

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    Immaculate Alyano

    3rd June 2016

    Bishop! Thank You for this message, It's the fact that human beings are not the same in how they think, some think that they are better than the other and vice-versa, the truth is that when a person decides not to change, you can't change him/her until he finds out that he is about to be trapped that's when he will seriously look for a doctor for him to be helped, God is also wise to give us the right to choose whether to obey His words or to disobey,(To choose between light and darkness which one to take.)

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    Patience Balekeng

    5th June 2016

    Rational faith and emotional faith all have benefits but it is better to use the rationale one since it is spirit born. Thank you bishop

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    Melody Madzingaidze

    6th June 2016

    Thank you Bishop true remorse will lead to emotional decisions and attitudes which lead to the futher destruction of ones life.When l think and use rational faith everything even when it is hard to do the results places my life at tge very best with my God abd my conscience and ecerytime everything would be at peace. True Bishop thank you for the message.

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    Franscina nyambose

    30th June 2016

    We have choice to choose and to following our own faith. this is an intelligent rational faith ,religious faith has a pack with humanity, not God.yes repentance has nothing to do with what is rational,the second can be considered emotional.

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