3-Day Crusade of Faith with Bishop Julio

3-Day Crusade of Faith with Bishop Julio

The new year is here and everyone wants to start off in the right way, as the saying goes start as you mean to end! We are happy to present to you an opportunity to do just that.

Bishop Julio who has done various visits in Argentina, Colombia and Spain to mention a few, has come from a missionary visit from Israel to London and will be conducting a 3-day service of faith for the first week of the year:

Wednesday, 4 January at 7.30pm: Bishop Julio will be at the entrance of the auditorium at the Rainbow Theatre one hour before the service (6.30pm), anointing all those present with the blessed oil from Mount Calvary.

On Friday, 6 January at 10pm-12pm Bishop will conduct the night vigil “I Want to Serve More and Better” at our Kilburn branch. This meeting is for all Assistants, Collaborators, Pastors and Wives and all those who desire to do the Work of God on the Altar.

Sunday, 8 January at 10am the “YOU CAN” Event, will take place at the Rainbow Theatre this Sunday. This event has been held in various countries with a total of 600 thousand people reached through the power of faith.

Bishop Julio will be at the entrance of the Rainbow Theatre this Sunday from 9am to place a drop of the LIVING Water that was consecrated on Mount Hermon. Please, bring with you a bottle of water where you will receive the drop of this blessed water.

This is a great opportunity to draw closer to God and consequently have your life blessed in 2023.

If you would like more information on the above meetings please contact our helpline on: 020 7686 6000