3 attitudes that will speed up your life


Have you ever felt like despite setting yourself so many goals, you never seem to make any progress in life? Perhaps you have been stuck in a vicious cycle of tireless attempts to move forward but instead you are constantly confronted by losses, setbacks or delays.

Could 3 simple attitudes be what is missing for your life to start taking a turn towards success, prosperity and fulfilment?

In a recent radio broadcast, Bishop Renato challenged his listeners to try applying these 3 attitudes in their life in order to see a positive transformation. He said, “If you accept them, your life will get better. If you think they won’t solve anything, let it pass. But before you decide, listen”.

 Keep reading to find out what they are.

  1. More attention and less distraction

Why will this improve your life? It’s probably very self-explanatory. When you feed distractions, you don’t have enough time to get anything done. Therefore, remaining focused is one of the greatest secrets to success.

Successful people are those who remain focused. They are so focused that they can block out practically everything that can take away their concentration from what they are working on.

This doesn’t mean an exaggerated focus, of course, striking the right balance is key. Try asking yourself this question: What really needs my attention at this moment? Your marriage, health, career or a project?

Disabling your phone notifications when necessary can also prove helpful when trying to stay focused.

  1. More action and less procrastination

Even when you have to wait, there is always something that can be done. That means there’s no reason for you to stand still. Don’t say, “I’m waiting for so-and-so to give me an answer” or anything of the like. These excuses can cause a loss of time that could have been useful to invest in what really counts.

  1. More prayer and less talk

This includes, less gossip, small talk or any other form of ‘useless talk’. Instead, try talking more to God. If you have a cell phone that doesn’t have an internet connection, what it’s use? It’s very useless. Thus, the human being without connection with God can also become lost and without sense of direction.

If you hear God’s voice, He directs you. You can exchange your worries for peace, comfort, security and strength through prayer.

The Monday meetings, ‘Prosperity with God’ are tailored to help you put your faith in action for your financial life. There you will receive direction derived directly from His Word and you will be empowered, motivated and strengthened by the prayers and inspiring message.

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